The Russian news agencies: Sputnik and Rossiya Segodnya, with worldwide coverage in 30 languages, including Russian, Spanish, English and others from Asia, the Middle East and Europe, committed on Tuesday to promote tourism and cultural destinations in Bolivia in a sustained manner through notes and reports, informed institutional sources.

«The first linkage we have sought with Russia is through culture, although there are differences in languages ​​and geographical distance, now we are very close, the first approach was with the 2018 World Cup Russia, since when we have had news that there is an interest of the Russian market towards Bolivia », explained the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Wilma Alanoca, to Russian journalists.

Alanoca highlighted the cultural, geographical diversity of Bolivia, in which he said you can find different artistic, cultural and natural expressions.

Sputnik is an international multimedia news service of the Russian Federation with an audio and video platform, operating in 30 languages ​​covering more than 130 cities and 34 countries.

It has regional newsrooms in Cairo, Montevideo, Beijing, Washington DC and South America.

The International Information Agency Rossiya Segodnya, is the state-owned international news agency, which aims to provide information on life and Russian society to the foreign public.

Both international media have set their sights on Bolivia to regularly show their culture, archaeological wealth, traditions and tourist destinations to the Russian public, as well as countries where they have coverage, said Alanoca.

For his part, Oleg Vyazmitinov, Sputnik journalist said that the Salar de Uyuni «fascinates» the Russians who visited that destination, so he said that Bolivian tourism will have good results in the Russian market.

«We are sure that in the Russian market they will have very good results because Bolivia offers something that in my opinion is not very common, not only with tourism and adventure travel, in the good sense, but that one finds (in Bolivia ) with something so authentic that the experience is unique, «he endorsed.

The journalist Darya Stanislavets, of the world agency Rossiya Segodnya, affirmed that she found in only two days, «many interesting manifestations», from the popular to the traditional and original, «which is not found in other countries».

«If you come from countries where there are not so many traditions, these elements that you see on the streets, it attracts a lot of attention because Bolivia offers unique things,» he said.